Warmia and Masuria is a region located in the North - East Poland. Its characteristic feature is the beautiful, vast forests and nestled in its numerous lakes. The beauty of this land may indicate that the Masurian Lake District represents Poland in the global contest for the New 7 Wonders of Nature (www.mazurycudnatury.pl)

The capital of Warmia is Olsztyn . In December 1991 Hunting Agency "DIANA" was become an integral part of the Provincial Board of the Polish Hunting Association in Olsztyn. Although the work in our country, many companies involved in the organization and the sale of hunting, was lacking in our area offices associated with local hunting society's and capable fully present their wide range. No one will understand a hunter as another hunter . Thus arose the idea of creating a regional office for hunting Polish Hunting Association, which mediate between Chapters of hunting and hunters from all over Europe.

When you change the rules in force in Poland, associated with the organization of hunting for aliens, our office and was turned into a company "DIANA-Hunting Association" set up by the Polish Hunting Association. The Company has obtained the license required by law, the Minister of Environment, Natural Resources and Forestry (No. 153) on the sale of hunting. Currently operates under a permit issued by the Governor of Warmia and Mazury.


The activities of our office is focused on the District of Olsztyn Hunting Association. On its site, hunting lease, 183 hunting districts. Area polling is more than 1.2 million. ha of which almost 400 thousand. ha is famous for its beauty and natural character of forests.Hunting Society's - our main collaborator in the area for hunting - in their districts raise more than 2.500 deers, 8000. roe bucks, 14000 wild boars and 250 fellow deers. It is a thick wild fisheries are the main wealth of Warmia and Mazury.

Through our office hunters hunt primarily from Europe, especially Germany and Denmark, but also we had hosts hunters from Belgium, Sweden, France, Holland and other European countries. We became co-operation with offices in Germany hunting. We also have a one representative in Denmark. We offer our guests "family" atmosphere for your stay, a high standard of accommodation and the possibility of hunting among the splendid natural environment. In recent years, foreign hunters through us to extract an average of 700-800 pieces of large game of the season, including more than 60 deer - male, 330 roe deers, 350 wild boars. Every year, dozens of trophies will be priced according to the formula CIC and reaches the value of the medal.

Assumptions made at the beginning of the activities are carried out today. This continues to be a "Tour of hunters for hunters." We find the hunt for everyone and every budget. In addition to our hunting area provides many attractions, not only for hunters but also for their families. Nearly 20 years of practice has allowed us to develop the best methods. Ideal knowing the hunting grounds and opportunities for hunting clubs in Warmia and Mazury, we are able to meet almost any customer for hunting and other forms of active tourism. We offer affordable prices and fast delivery times of orders and the ability to rest in a beautifully located and clean areas.

Sincerely yours Polish hunters