Hunting in May

The first 2-3 weeks of hunting season, which begins in Poland on May 11 is the most effective period in hunting. While the hunter has the relevant rifle skills, than he is certainly his hunting success. Mostly the hunter is in range about 3 to 5 days, and then bags average 4-6 roe-bucks, although it happends much more results. In the Olsztyn’s district you can bag a roe-bucks between 300-450 g., but more often you can find antlers weighing over 500 g. In the past few years 100% organized huntings in May were successful.


Hunting in July-August - rut

This type of hunting is directed to hunters - connoisseurs looking for old stags with strong antlers. Hunting is more difficult, requires more skill hunting, and the invaluable assistance during the hunting is the ability to lure roe-bucks, which provides unforgettable memories and emotions.

The length of a hunt is similar to hunting in May and achieved results largely depend on the skills of proper lure. Last season hunters during the rut acquired an average of 3-4 roe-bucks of antlers mass often exceeding 400 g.


Hunting for red-deers - stags – rutting season (September)

The best time for deer hunting is certainly a period of rut. In the district of Olsztyn best time is the second half of September. Hunting with stalking in the company of an experienced guide knows how to lure a roaring stag is an unforgettable experience. Most hunting grounds warrants to acquire trophy weighing 5-7 kg. For the most demanding hunters, we offer a hunting grounds where you can get the trophy, weighing 8-10 kg. In the past 3 years 99% held by our office deer hunting during the rut were successful.


Hunting for fallow deer (October)

This is the least numerous species of wildlife in the midst of a thick occurring within the Warmia and Mazury. However, from year to year fallow deer population increases its number in Olsztyn disctrict and every year there is more medal palmates. In the 2009/2010 season the foreign hunter scored the first gold medal palmate trophy.


Drive hunting

Drive hunting on Warmia and Mazury have a special charm. By participating in them you can feel the taste of real adventure, as there are drives, which can be reached only on foot. We use only natural hunting grounds, which ensures full contact with nature and the opportunity to experience real hunting adventure. From the standpoint of optimal organization of the hunting, the group size is 10-12 people, although smaller groups of hunters shooting well can achieve very good results. The standard of our huntings is a row equal to the number of participating hunters, but there are a lot better results. Record hunting in the 2009/2010 season gave 36 wild boars and 4 foxes shot by 11 hunters during a day. The best result during the 2010/2011 season it scored more than 30 wild boars by 11 hunters during the 2 days of hunting. Good hunting ground and excellent shooting skills combined with hunter's luck can give great results

The best drive huntings fall at the beginning of November. More difficult but full of charm are winter hunts organized in January, when the snow adds woodland beauty and there is much easier to track down and find the game scored.


Winter hunting during the full moon

We encourage you to try this type of hunting. Range which is properly prepared, experienced and knowledgeable guides and good weather (snow cover needed) achieves the distribution of more than 10 pieces of wild boar per hunter during the 4-5 days of hunting. It is also the surest way to hunt for tuskers, which hold in heat with packs and which then easier to track down. It is of course aware that such a hunt requires proper optical viewfinder.